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Release Date: 13/06/2019

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Originally recorded specially for Manchester International Festival 2017’s Manchester Street Poem - a live installation telling the stories of people who find themselves homeless in the city. Now available to download for the first time. Proceeds from its sale will be used to help run the ongoing Manchester Street Poem project, which strives to give voice to those with lived experience of homelessness. The only deductions from your donation will be VAT and credit/debit card charges and transaction costs – with the rest going straight to support the ongoing activities of MSP.

This year Manchester Street Poem returns in a new incarnation to the very heart of the Festival, with a daily-changing exhibition in Festival Square.

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01. Jenny
02. Doris
03. Charlie
04. James
05. Ed
06. Meredith
07. Harry
08. Mary

Jenny 9:33 Bundle only
Doris 4:18 Bundle only
Charlie 6:23 Bundle only
James 5:51 Bundle only
Ed 5:36 Bundle only
Meredith 17:09 Bundle only
Harry 9:10 Bundle only
Mary 6:50 Bundle only